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Customer Gallery for cruising in Ireland

We ask our customers to send photos of their cruise on the Shannon and many oblige. Below is a selection of photos from boat hire holidays in Ireland.

We have memories, and you have no fish!
We got a job!
Ahaaaar Me Hearties!
Just shootin' the breeze...
Shannon multi-tasking
Rush hour at a lock
King of the World!
Moored on a Carlow Class
Sunset in Shannonbridge
Cruising the lower Shannon on a Carlow Class
Taking a Carlow Class through a lock
Nothing like a relaxing beer after a hard days cruising
A leisurely lunch on lough Erne
Er... who's driving?
Ah, that's who's driving.
Moored on Lough Erne
Lough Erne in March
Getting ready to cast off on the Noble Lady
Really - what could be better?
Kick back, relax and watch the world cruise by.
Approaching Victorial lock at Lock Key
Moored on a Carlow Class
Red sky at night...
A beautiful sunset over the Shannon
Just minding her own business...
Mooring on a Classique
Cruising the Jamestown Canal on a Lake Star
Just about to cross a lake.
A Lake Star and Town Star moored at Dromod Harbour
Lake Star moored at Dromod looking out to lough Bofin
Passing Castle Island on lough Key
Goats on guard - we will chase you!
A massive pike - it really was that big!
Cruising towards Jamestown on a Town Star
Leaving Carrick-on-Shannon
Patrick's 8th time with Emerald Star, free bikes and bbq
Cruising south from Carrick on a Shannon Star
Convoy of hire boats returning to Carrick-on-Shannon
Emerald Star dinghy with outboard.
Moonrise over Leitrim village in September
The beautiful Richmond Harbour
Sunset over lough Ree from Lanesborough
Cruising to lough Derg on a Silver Shadow
The shore of lough Derg
End of the day in Terryglass
'We loved the company of the swans'
Crusing from Carrick-on-Shannon on a Lakes Star
Coming into Dromod Harbour on a Lake Star
Cruising on the Jamestown Canal
Mind your head!
Leaving Albert Lock
Captain Molly reporting for duty!
Relaxing while waiting for the lock.
Moored on a Wexford Class
All present and Correct!
The Captain says Old Guys Rule - I agree!
Best seat in the house
Gimme your bread!
Cruising into Lanesborough on a Carlow Class
The weir at Athlone
Boys on Board
Aye Aye Captain
Are they trying to escape?
Cuddles on board!
Sometimes he's allowed sit in the Captain's seat
Nice, creamy pints - mmmm!
The Camlin River near Tarmonbarry
Cruising the Camlin River
Holding up the bridge at Clondra
I think we should have turned left?
Moored on a Tyrone Class
It's sunset, not radioactive!
Oh so quiet...
Moored at Tarmonbarry
Canal Cruising
Settling in for the night.
The finer things in life
Moored on lough Key on a Consul
What could be better?
Happy crew on the Shannon Star
One-way only!
Crossing lough Ree on a Wave Queen.
Land Ahoy!
Moored on a Wave Queen
Captain's nap time
Aharrr me Hearties!
The O'Sullivans ready to cruise
Shannon Star moored at Clonmacnoise
Moored at Shannonbridge on a Silver Stream
Moored on a Silver Stream
All is quiet...
A beautiful Shannon sunset
Hartley bridge near Carrick-on-Shannon at night
Entering Dromod Harbour on a Consul
Crossing lough Bofin
Enjoying the sunshine on a Consul
Guided tour?
Moored at Rooskey at night
Getting settled for the night
'They've got bread, go get some!'
Cruising towards lough Derg on an Elegance boat
Elegance moored
A beautiful sunset over the Shannon
A very happy crew!
Most important meal of the day!
Where's the driver gone?
Lock up your daughters!
Taking a Magnifique through a lock.
Moored on a Carlow Class
Passing a marina while cruising from Carrick
Woman's best friend
High water in March near Carrick-on-Shannon
Almost night on lough Derg
Cruising on lough Derg on a Consul
Moored near Killaloe
Searching for the crock of gold
A great photo of lough Derg.
Sailboat on lough Derg
Coffee at sunset
Cruising from Carrick-on-Shannon on an Elegance
Taking an Elegance through a lock
Just cruising...
NOT a booze cruise, I promise...
Happy Halloween 2022
Ready to go on a Silver River
Lake Cruising on a Silver River
Lake Star moored
Lake Star moored
Rainbow on lough Derg
Ryans pub and eatery in Garrykennedy
High water at Clonmacnoise in mid March
Lough Ree in March
The Jamestown Canal in March
Cruising on a Magnifique south of Banagher
Portumna Friary
The charming village of Terryglass on Lough Derg
Terryglass Cemetery
Relaxing, cruising, shooting the breeze....
I'm sure we can find our way off this jetty
Waiting to take a Waterford Class through a lock
Moored up and off for a walk.
Spectacular Shannon Sunset
Nothing like a nice cuppa!
Kick back and enjoy the scenery
Taking a Silver Crest through the lock at Athlone
Rush hour on the Shannon
Passing Clonmacnoise on a Silver Crest
Holy Cows!
Dusk on the Shannon
Going through a lock on a Silver Crest
Look Ma, no hands!
Free as a bird...
Cruising past Clonmacnoise
Time for the monthly bath
The bridge at Shannonbridge
Silver Stream Wake
Crew of the good ship lollipop.
They're heading right for us!
Time for a nice, cool dip.
Crossing lough Derg on a Kilkenny Class
They went thataway!
Ready to set sail.
Just hangin'
And that's how you do it.
Sunset over Lough Derg
The real Captain
All hands on deck
Heading to Scarriff
Sunset over Lough Derg
Cruising past some boats moored on the lower Shannon
Cruising the tranquil waters of the lower Shannon
A lock on the Clondra Canal
Moored at Richmond Harbour
Lazy Sheep
Moored at Athlone on a Silver Swan
Riverdance Danish Style
An action movie shot? I'm expecting the boats to explode.
A Sliver Swan moored for the evening.
Ready to go at Banagher
Captain and first-mate wearing the captain's hat.
I think we're being followed.
Moored on a Silver Crest
Sunset over Lough Derg
Moored at Athlone on a P1400FB
Breakfast on board a P1400FB hire boat.
A P1400FB on the Jamestown Canal
Passing Clonmacnoise on a hire boat
Dromod Harbour from the P1400FB hire boat
P1400FB hire boat moored at Lanesborough
Passing through Rooskey Lock
Cruising the Jamestown Canal
Skinnydipping cows
The lifting bridge at Tarmonbarry
A Shannon Star on the Shannon-Erne Waterway
Cruising on a Silver Spray
Dead Calm
Sunset over the Shannon
The lightning tree
Driving a Town Star
They're all very friendly, aren't they?
Moored on a Town Star
Terryglass Harbour at night
Moored at Athlone
Waiting for a bite (caught a nice pike)
Crossing a lake - not sure which one from this shot
Sunset over a lake on the Shannon
Glorious Shannon Sunset
More moochy swans
Enjoying a nice pint of Guinness
Seans Bar in Athlone
The start of the Jamestown Canal
The Jamestown canal from Victoria lock
Moored in a Horizon
Cruising into Shannonbridge
Weir nearly there....
Sailing to a bridge on the Shannon-Erne waterway
The Shannon-Erne Waterway
Sunset over Lough Key in March
Moored at Lough Key
Moored in a Shannon Star
Best seat in the house
Moored on a Caprice
Banagher Marina
Carrick-on-Shannon at night
Cruising between Carrick and Banagher
Bridge on the
Watching the world go by
Going through a lock on a Town Star
Got any bread??
Family time
Enjoying a glass of wine in Athlone
Anyone fancy a round?
Jetty or diving platform?
Moored on a P1120R
Is this easy or what?
The Jamestown Canal
The real Captain
Rooskey at night
Red sky at night...
Guinness. The River Shannon. What else do you need?
I'm sure we started with a bigger boat.
Room for one more...
Moored on a Waterford Class
'cos we're happy...
Are they following us?
The round tower at Devenish Island
Lough Erne from Lusty Beg Island Resort
Kilkenny Class moored on Lough Erne
A great day for a dip in Lough Erne
At port for some R&R
Breathtaking view of Lough Derg
Lunch, outdoors only in 2021 - lucky we had great weather
Visiting Portumna Castle
Wait - are they flying?
Cruising at dusk
Navigating on a Silver Legend Cruiser
No, it's not the Mediterranean, it's the Shannon in September.
Postcard Perfect
Passing through a bridge
Moored on Lough Derg
Sailboats and sunshine
Land Ahoy!
It's all about the people you meet
Now where was that boat...
We're on our way.
Lunch service is terrible!
A fabulous sunset on Lough Erne
Stuck in the middle?
Waiting to pass through Rooskey Lock
Moored on an Elegance
Eggs for breakfast!
A little lost dinghy
Lough Ree
Coming up to a lock
A misty morning near Athlone
Another great Shannon sunset
The best seat in the house (IMHO)
Driving a Town Star
A Tyrone on the Shannon Erne Waterway
A beautiful evening on the Shannon
Cruising on a Tyrone Class Cruiser
Kick back, relax and have a beer
Moored near the inflatable water park
A damp evening in Leitrim
All present and correct
It was all too exciting!
That's how you do it.
The summer of 2021
All is quiet.
Sunset over Lough Derg
Cheers from Shannonbridge
A Longford on a Lake
Moored on Lough Derg
Waiting for Leonardo?
It's a Bridge!
Take a bow - geddit?
Ready for the great adventure
What a great photo!
Should be be going left?
Dead calm on a Consul
Moored at Athlone at night
Athlone by night
The Clondara Canal?
I've got something!
A deep lock.
Freddie Ready for cruising
Resting after a hard week of cruising
Anybody seen my boat?
There's the boat!
Aww come on, let us on board.
Fifty and Faaabulous Dahling!
The Sun Deck on the Classique Cruiser
Dusk over Lough Derg
Moored on a Classique
Kilkenny Class through a bridge arch at Shannonbridge
An original lock-keepers house
Kilkenny Class moored at Shannonbridge
The original lock-keepers house
Crossing Lough Ree on a Classique Cruiser
Moored at Lanesborough
Moored on a Classique
Leaving Shannonbridge on a Silver Stream cruiser
Boatswain, Joan Moore (tipping 87!) and the Cabin Boy Marie Rogan
Ready to set sail
Crew Caps
Cruising on a Carlow Class
Moored on a Carlow Class
Moored on a Kilkenny Class
Relaxing on deck
Low bridge on the Shannon-Erne waterway
Moored on a Consul
I think there might be alligators that way...
A still evening in Mountshannon
Sunset on Lough Derg
Wake watching
Devenish Island on Lough Erne
Dusk on Lough Erne
Crossing Lough Erne on a Waterford Class
Lusty Beg Island Resort, Lough Erne
Moored on a Waterford Class
Shouldn't you be looking the other way?
A Tyrone Class moored at Terryglass
Sunset on Lough Erne
Didn't that tree have a part in Harry Potter?
Relax and enjoy a nice cold beer.
Entering a lock on the Shannon-Erne waterway
Visiting Devenish Island on Lough Erne
Passing through a lock on the Shannon-Erne Waterway
Lunch Time!
Out for a stroll on Devinish Island, Lough Erne
Cruising into Athlone
Portumna castle and gardens
Cruisers at Shannonbridge
The Shannon bridge at Shannonbridge
Kayaking on Lough Erne
	Kayaking on Lough Erne
Cruising on the Erne River
Officers on Deck!
Just kickin' back, watching the ducks.
Ladies & Gentlemen, the world's strongest girl!
Cruising past Devinish Island on a Noble Commander
The captain, the captain and the other captain.
We made a new friend!
Lough Erne at it's best
Lunch time
Lough Erne from the cliffs of Maghoo
Somebody rescue that beer!
Low bridge ahead
Ducks on the prowl
Cruising the Shannon-Erne waterway on an Inver Princess
Moored at Devenish Island on Lough Erne
Arriving at Enniskillen
Inver Lady and Inver Princess moored at an island on Lough Erne
Moored an a P1120FB
Wave Early moored at Killaloe
Vaulted Arch at Clonmacnoise
The ancient monastic settlement at Clonmacnoise
Celtic Cross at Clonmacnoise
Hold on tight!
Moored on a Limerick Class
That's a really HUGE can of beer!
Guard duty
Passing through Albert Lock on a Kilkenny Class
Just cruisin'
Cruising the lower Shannon on a Carlow Class
Terryglass Harbour
Cruising the the Lough Allen Canal
The Lurve Boat
Cruising the Shannon-Erne waterway
Full steam ahead
Does he have a licence?
Done fishin'
Out on Lough Ree
A misty October morning
Mooring a Caprice
Cruising near Carrick
Spectacular sunrise on the Shannon
Approaching a bridge on the Shannon-Erne waterway
Which button works the coffee machine?
Cruising on the Shannon-Erne waterway
Moored at Leitrim village on a Caprice
Moored on the Shannon-Erne waterway
Left a bit...
A little night cruising
Caprice moored at night
Kick back with a good book
Cruising past Clonmacnoise
Dusk on lough Derg
New friends...
Coming into moor on a Silver Stream
Silver Stream moored at Athlone
Another great sunset
Wine not? Geddit??
The year of take-away pints.
Moored on a Silver Breeze
Dusk in Athlone
Now you're sucking diesel!
Isn't this what it's all about?
Watch out for the big wave!
Is the sky on fire?
I think we're being followed.
Cruising on a Waterford Class
Mooring at sunset
Hope we don't have ruff water...
Captain on board!
Crossing a lake on a  Silver Swan
Backseat driver?
Taking a Silver Swan through a lock
Shooting the breeze
It was this big!
Enjoying the sunshine
Best seat in the house
Lake cruising an a Carlow Class boat.
Dusk on the Shannon
Moored in the sunshine on a Vision cruiser
Cruising on Lough Erne
A beautiful sunset on Lough Erne
Is she actually flying?
Moored at Belleek
A huge floating orange mousse!
Cruising the Jamestown Canal
A view of Dromod from Lough Bofin
Just hangin' around
The west's a-wake - geddit?
Surrealism on Lough Erne
Good here, innit?
Leaving Erneside in Enniskillen
Taking a Noble Emperor through a lock on the Shannon-Erne waterway
Kayaking at Lusty Beg on Lough Erne
Which of these boats is ours?
Don't take that, we need it!
Visiting Devenish Island on Lough Erne
Passing a round tower on Lough Erne
Passing through a lock on the Shannon-Erne waterway
Er... can I see your licence?
I'm sure the boat was here somewhere
I need the Captains skin regime...
Er... shouldn't you be looking the other way?
The one that got away?
Shouldn't they be swabbing decks or something?
Vision 3 Coridoor
Cruising past Clonmacnoise
Cruising on a Vision 3 cruiser
The fish dance.
Moored at Lusty Beg
Catch me if you can!
Moored on Lough Derg
Moochy ducks
Mooring on a Longford Class Cruiser
Push harder!
Cruising upriver to Scarriff
Left a bit...
Very small gauges?
King of the World (or at least the premier league)
The Lurve Boat
All hands on deck
The race is on!
Right a bit, right a bit...
Ten-Hut! Captain on the bridge.
Ladies on the Lake
This is what it's all about really.
Got any bread??
All hands on deck
Banagher Harbour
Starting the Jamestown Canal
Where's this again?
Full steam ahead
Waiting at Albert Lock
The bridge at Shannonbridge
One of the old bridge winches at Carrick-on-Shannon
One of the old bridge winches at Carrick-on-Shannon
On lookout duty
The deck crew
As the sun goes down...
You don't need to pedal, there's an engine?
Riverside Breakfast - what more could you ask for?
Look, no hands!
Moored at the end of a days cruising
Getting started on the great adventure.
Cruising the  Lough Allen Canal
Approaching Cootehall
Moored on a P935W
Sheep - not very good a hiding
Shall we cycle?
Going to view some ancient stone figures
Moored on Lough Erne on a Noble Duke cruiser
Crossing Lough Derg on a Town Star
October Mist on Lough Derg
Moored up on Lough Derg
Sunrise over Lough Derg
Cruising the Jamestown Canal
Soooo happy to be cruising
Coming into mooring on an Elegance
Whose turn is it to drive again?
Ahoy Me Hearties!
Brisk October Cruising
All aboard the Lake Star
Arriving at Sunset
Bridge on the Jamestown Canal
Dead Calm
The Jamestown Canal
Town Star moored at Cootehall
Louigh Key Forest Park
Crossing a lake on a Town Star
A quiet mooring.
Approaching Cootehall
Chasing the sun
The bridge at Killaloe
Cruising on Lough Derg
Low speed chase
Moored on a Silver Stream
Ugly Ducklings
The Gold must be in that old church
Moored on Lough Erne
Manor House Marine at Killedeas on Lough Erne
Moored on a Noble Duke
Sunset over Lough Erne
A round tower on Lough Erne
Cruising on a Shannon Star
The majestic Shannon River
Moored on a Shannon Star
Approaching Shannonbridge.
Hi There!
Cruising on the Shannon from Lough Derg
Leaving a gentle wake
Inis Cealtra, Holy Island on Lough Derg
Just drifting...
Cruising on Lough Derg
This looks scarily like a shot from Jaws... no sharks though
Low speed chase
Lough Derg from the shore
Cruising on a Carlow Class
Cruising on a Carlow Class
Sunset over Lough Derg
Moored on Lough Derg
Moored at Portumna Harbour
Moored at Lough Derg
Hi There!
Passing through the swing-bridge at Portumna
Getting ready for the lock
Entering a lock on a Shannon Star
A great view of Shannonbridge
He looks a bit lost...
Leaving a wake on Lough Derg
Gently cruising on the Shannon
It's oh so quiet...
Which one is the Captain?
The break from the lake.
Moored at Killaloe
A calm day on Lough Derg
Moored on a Caprice.
A beautiful sunset on the Shannon
Kick back and watch the world go by.
The Captain and the first mate.
Moored at Jamestown
All present and correct!
Sunset over Lough Derg
Er... you're supposed to have your hands on the wheel to steer?
Navigating on a Corvette
Corvette A moored at Terryglass
Land Ahoy!
A great day for cruising.
Lazing around... and so are the cows.
Entering a lock on a Wave Duke
A stargate on the river.. watergate??
Ready to set off on a Tyrone Class
Dead calm...
Approaching a lock on a Tyrone Class
A lock on the Lough Allen Canal
Passing Castle Island on Lough Key
Moored for the evening.
The Shannon River between Carrick-on-Shannon and Rooskey
Cruising misty waters.
Peaceful cruising on the Shannon River
Watch out for the marker...
Coming up to a lock on the Shannon-Erne waterway
Watch out for leprecauns...
Looking for the crow's nest.
Strange looking cows...
Practicing lasso skills.
Don't get out yet, wait until we're moored!
A Magnifique and an Elegance in a lock.
Cruising past Ballinamore Golf Course on the Shannon-Erne Waterway
Cruising lakes on the Shannon-Erne Waterway
Moored at Holy Island on Lough Erne
Cruising into Enniskillen on a Kilkenny Class
I hope we fit...
'Cos I'm Happy...
Right a bit... Right a bit...
Taking an Elegance on to Lough Derg
A dance.. on a river....
Happy to be cruising
Taking an Elegance into a lock... very carefully.
Is it a bird?
Wait for me!
Recommended for cruising the Shannon - Cheerleaders!
Cruising the Boyle River on a Kilkenny Class
Please please give me some bread!
Catch a big one!
Which one is the cabin boy?
The sun setting on Holy Island on Lough Erne
I'm sure we left the boat here...
We'll get that crock of gold yet...
Taking an Inver Duke across Lough Erne
Gently cruising on a Caprice
A pair of Caprices moored
Approaching the lift bridge at Rooskey
A very low-speed chase
The bridge is up - Go Go Go
I'm sure there's a turn here...
Local Wildlife
A slow, lazy evening cruise
Sunset on the Shannon
Back seat driver?
Epic... Assasins Creed type Epic
Signets by the river bank
Sunset on the Shannon
Nice Catch!
Shannon traffic police
Cooking up a storm
Is that map upside down?
Taking a P935W through a lock.
You don't have to stay there, you can tie the rope to the cleat...
Er... shouldn't somebody be driving?
Heading to Clonmacnoise on an Elegance
Celtic Cross at Clonmacnoise
Just cruising...
Elegance moored at Clonmacnoise
A round tower at Clonmacnoise
Cruising the Canal
Oh Dear, I hope he's ok!
Moored on a Kilkenny Class
Approaching a Lock
Taking a Kilkenny Class through a Lock
More hungry swans
Swan Lake?
Ready to moor a Shannon Star
Crossing a lake on a Shannon Star
Taking a Shannon Star through a Lock
Moored on a Shannon Star
Peace, Love and Alcohol.
Shouldn't he be looking forward?
The Captains Table
If Carlsberg did Holidays...
Passing through Athlone
All present and correct.
Cruising in the sunshine
Moored at Athlone
Taking a Kilkenny Class through a Lock
The Queen of the World!
Happy Fishermen
Don't hit the brakes!
Look, no hands!
Nothing like a nice cup of tea.
All present and correct!
Very slow surfing.
What a happy crew.
Cruising on the Shannon River
A fantastic view of Shannonbridge on the Shannon River
The majestic Shannon River
Lough Key Forest Park on the Shannon River
An Elegance moored at Rooskey
Moored on an Elegance
Shannon Star moored in the fog
Sunset on the Shannon
Official planning meeting
Moored on a Shannon Star
Swans waiting for their breakfast
Taking a Shannon Star through a lock
All present and correct-ish
Sunset over a Clare Class at Rooskey
The Captain's on the way...
Relaxing after a hard day's cruising
What a happy bunch!
Cruising the Jamestown Canal on a Clare Class
Cruising towards Lanesboro
Enjoying the countryside...
Window cleaning service?
I hope you don't hit your head off the bridge!
The chase is on!
I think it might be pirates.
Angry Clouds!
I can see him...
Why do I think this horse should have a hat on?
Gateway to the Grand Canal
Boats moored
Mountshannon on a rainy Monday morning
Cruising Lough Key
Carrick-on-Shannon at night
Cruising the Jamestown Canal on a Consul
Consul at Carrick-on-Shannon
Moored on a lake
Moored at Rooskey
Taking a Clare Class through a Lock on the Lough Allen Canal
Moored at Gings Pub in Carrick-on-Shannon
Is it a bird? Sorry, wrong super hero
Clarendon Lock at Lough Key
Moored at Clarendon Lock
Why isn't the boat moving?
Visting Portumna Castle
Where's our dinner??
Looks dangerous, there might be pirates.
We'll find that crock of gold yet...
A Vision 4 moored
I'm sure the boat was here somewhere...
The real Captain
Ducks on the mooch again
Moored on a Consul
Silver Breeze moored at Athlone
Hardy Fishermen in the fog
Cruising from Banagher
The chase is on!
Leaving a wake
Ready to cast off Cap'n
I caught one!
A small pike
Moored on a Kilkenny Class
Boats moored near Carrick-on-Shannon
I  Like Pike!
Push Harder!
Mind the gates...
Moored at Shannonbridge on a Lake Star
View of the river from Clonmacnoise
A leisurely cruise on the canal
Captain on the bridge!
Bridge on the Lock Allen Canal
Cruising lock Boderg in March
Going up!
Moored in a Town Star
Nice Catch!
Driving a Shannon Star
We look sooooo cool!
I hope I don't have to stay here all day...
Taking an Elegance on the Jamestown Canal
Cruising Lough Key on an Elegance
Lazy days cruising a canal
Moored in a quiet spot
Sunset on the Shannon
I'm sure there's a crock of gold around here somewhere.
A fabulous sunset on the Shannon
All is quiet on the shannon
Approaching the lock at Drumshanbo on a Consul
Cruising the on a Consul
Somewhere, over this rainbow...
Nothing like a nice cup of tea - it is tea, isn't it?
Just married, how sweet!
Mmmm, Breakfast by the river
Gone Fishin'
Carlow Class moored at Holy Island on Lough Erne
Teddy Bear's Picnic
We've got a tail...
Er... Is this driver old enough to drive this boat?
View of the Shannon Erne Waterway from a Caprice Cruiser
Cruising on the Shannon Erne Waterway
Mind the Markers
What a Sky!
Crossing Lough Ree on a Carlow Class
Enjoying the August Sunshine
Taking a Carlow Class through a lock in Athlone
Approaching Athlone on a Carlow Class
Moored at Athlone
Cruising a canal on a Carlow Class
Ready for the Shannon River Adventure
Shouldn't you be looking the other way?
Under the Bridge
Cruising the Lough Allen Canal
Island hopping
When cruising, always take something to reed.
Moored at Rooskey
Rooskey Lock
Don't do that, he'll follow you home.
Just relax and watch the water go by
Maybe I should start the engine...
I hope the boat doesn't move
Nice Pike!
Relaxing in the sunshine on a Carlow Class
Wait - there's no plank...
Back seat driver?
Panoramic view of boats moored.
Panoramic view of boats moored.
Driving a P1107W Classic
A hearty breakfast before a hard days cruising
How are we going to get down there?
Did we take a wrong turn?
Moored at Carrick on a Lake Star
Surfing, Shannon Style
Lough Derg from the bow of a Shannon Star
A brace of Shannon Stars moored for the night
Family Trad Session on Lough Derg
A Carlow Class moored near Ballinamore
At a lock on the Shannon-Erne waterway
Boats at Dromod Harbour
Boats at Dromod Harbour
Boats going through a lock
Panoramic view of Tarmonbarry lock
Rooskey Bridge on the Shannon
Sunset on the Shannon-Erne Waterway
Panoramic view of boats moored near Clonmacnoise
Fishing from the jetty at Clonmacnoise
Land Ahoy
Ducks on the mooch
Passing some boats near Leitrim
Straight on, left at the next pub.
Taking a Carlow Class through a lock
Moored for the evening, off to the pub!
Yes, it's safe to get off.
Make sure it's tied properly...
No slouching on the job!
Learning the ropes in a lock
Cruising towards the sunset
Engine wake on a Carlow Class
The pier at Banagher
Crew, all present and mostly correct.
Naw, ya can't eat that!
A great photo of Shannonbridge
Ooops! I forgot me trousers...
Stealth horses, native to Leitrim
Vision 3 moored
View from the Bridge
Ready for dinner?
Caught in a lock
A canal
Jetty by Sunset
Moored Lake Star
Look at those waves
Carlow Class moored
Nice scarf captain
A lock
A beautiful reflection
Very blue river
Carlow Class on the river
Carlow Class from behind
The Lockkeeper's house
The grass is greener on the other side
Mirrored Image
Still water
Mossy bridge
Relaxing in the back of the boat
Carlow Class
Operating a lock
Enjoying themselves
Put your feet up!
A very straight canal
Sunny day in a lock
Having an eggcelent time
Looking for directions
Sailing on the railing
The whole crew
Old bridge on a canal
A row of boats
A family cruise
Caught one!
And another!
A long canal
A beautiful bridge
Eunson Crew Photo
Nice hats!
The river
Word up
A ray of sunshine
Always time for a selfie
Hanging in there!
Slipping and sliding
A marker by sunset
Was it snowing?
Why they call it the Emerald Isle
Flower Power
The captain and his first mate
A Carlow Class on Lough Ree
Taking a Carlow Class through a Lock
Coming to moor in Athlone
Chong Sun on the Clare Class
I can see my house from here
Mah Jong anyone?
Driver and navigator
Coming from harbour on a Limerick Class
Up Periscope!
An attempt to escape
Cruising the tranquil waters of the Shannon
Getting away from it all
Silver Spirit moored for the night
Are we there yet?
Land Ahoy!
Relax and have a drink
The Majestic Shannon River
Discovering Boyle on the Shannon River
Mmm - Dinner Time!
High speed chase on the Shannon
Beer anyone?
Singing a pirate shanty... maybe
Cruising on a Magnifique
Entering Athlone on an Elegance
Sunset on the Shannon
Is it a mermaid?
A busy lock on the Shannon
Mooring an Elegance
Moored beside riverside apartments
I wonder what they taste like?
Going to catch some fish
Taking a Carlow Class through a Lock
Driving a Carlow Class
Passing Clonmacnoise
Sunset on a Carlow Class
Carlow Class moored at Dromod Harbour
Cruising in a Carlow Class at sunset
Crossing Lough Ree
Slowly cruising the Shannon River
I hope the navigator knows where he's going
Enjoying some romance on the river
I don't think we're going to fit under there.
Cruising the still waters of the Lough Allen Canal
Passing through a Lock on the a Kilkenny Class Cruiser
Taking a Lake Star through a Lock
Looking for Mooring
Mind your Head!
Shouldn't somebody be driving?
So hard to get good help these days.
Wait a minute - is she walking on water?
Is it the next left?
Aye Aye Captain!
Going through a Lock on the P1107W Penichette
Steering a Folk Class on the Shannon-Erne Waterway
Folk Class Barge
Ready to board the Magnifique
A real family holiday!
Taking a Magnifique through Tarmonbarry  Lock
Magnifique moored at Lanesborough
If only I could reach the wheel I'd show you...
At least the beer is cold
Look, no hands (almost)
Kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride.
Amhairghin Doran on the ropes at Lough Key
Oisin Doran behind the wheel  on the Shannon
Passing Castle Island on Lough Key
Might as well try to catch something...
Driver and navigator
Nice Catch!
Taking a Magnifique through a Lock
Cruising from Carrick-on-Shannon on a Town Star
Mmmmm - Breakfast!
Sunroof View
Driving a Town Star
Coming up to a bridge, mind your head!
Sunbathing on a jetty
Taking a dinghy out on a lake
Anything biting?
Are we lost?
A definite thumbs-up!
Moored at the bridge at Knockvicar
Cruising from Carrick-on-Shannon on a Fermanagh Class
Fishing from a Magnifique
Narrow bridge ahead.
Cruisers moored at Carrick-on-Shannon
Enjoying the Sunshine on a Shannon Star, Lough Derg
There has to be a fish in there somewhere.
A great day for a dip in the Lake
Lake Star moored a Lough Key
An Elegance at Portumna
Captain, First Mate and Cabin Boy - not sure who's who though.
Nice shoes...
Sunbathing ducks!
Napping on a Carlow Class
Just chilling
A little bit of bonding on the river
Sun sets over the Shannon
Moored up at Crom on the Erne
Under the bridge
Enjoying the sunshine on a Kilkenny Class
Sailing in shades
Cruising on a Kilkenny Class
View of Lough Key
Behave - The captain's looking!
Sun setting over the Shannon
Happy Captain
Enjoying the sun
Drumming up support
Nice weather for a barbeque
Nice Rod!
I was sure there was a fish...
Cruising past Clonmacnoise
Moored in a Silver Stream
Excellent photo of a sunset on the Shannon River
Nice day for a dip.
Cruising across Lough Ree
Shouldn't you be looking the other way?
Just making it back before dark.
Enjoying a little sunshine in the quayside
More swans trying to mooch food... they never give up!
Prepare to be Boarded!
I know there's a way in somewhere...
Land Ahoy!
Is the boat leaning??
The Black Pearl P1120
I want to drive!
Dutch Class moored on the Shannon-Erne Waterway
Dutch Class moored on the Shannon-Erne Waterway
Cruising the Shannon-Erne Waterway
Best seat in the house
Er... your other left!
These kids really know how to relax
Cruising on the Shannon-Erne Waterway
mmmm.... This is making me hungry
On the lookout for pirates.
All hands on deck... or not
This is a very big surfboard...
I'm King of the.... oh never mind!
A buoy and a bird on the river...
A cuppa for the captain.
Sunset on the Shannon River in Ireland
A beer, a boat and a sunset - what could be better?
Got any cheese?
All aboard for the magical mystery tour
Anybody see  my bike?
Where's my Captains hat?
How's my driving?
The real Captain!
I'm too good, everybody left.
More moochy swans - got any bread?
Just kicking back and enjoying the river Shannon
Settling on board the Wateford Class
Mooring a Waterford Class Cruiser
Like my driving?
Doesn't this go any faster?
Queen of the World!
Cruising on a Crusader
This is hard work...
Mark Scarff on board a Kilkenny Class
Cruising out of the base in Carrick-on-Shannon
Cruising in the sunshine
What's not to smile about?
I love you man...
Are you sure you know where you're going?
Taking a moment
Mooring for the evening on a Waterford Class
Cruising under a bridge on the way from Carrick-on-Shannon
Cruising in a Carlow Class
Cruising past islands on Lough Key
Relaxing on the stern of a Shannon Star
Crusing across a lake
Mmm - this looks really good!
Taking a Roscommon Class through a Lock
A view of lough Boderg from Albert Lock near Jamestown.
Ian Hoyle and his crew aboard the Roscommon Class Cruiser
Not much concentration involved....really!
Relaxing on the Magnifque flybridge with friends and family.
Enjoying a pint in Roosky.
Just cruising...
Getting underway from Crom Castle on a Dutch Class barge
Brook Park near Enniskillen.
Fishermans dating agency?
Cruising by the ruins of an old monastery
The O39Rourke Family Ready to cruise.
Cruising past monastic ruins
Keeping a Carlow Class steady in a lock.
Having fun on the Lough Allen Canal
Taking a Clare Class through a lock
Land Ahoy! Robert Downey and Jim Donnelly on lookout
The Coyne Family from Dublin cruising the Shannon/Erne Waterway on a 45ft Barge.
Relaxing on a 45ft Barge on the Shannon/Erne Waterway.
A Silver Crest moored at Dromineer harbour.
A beer garden at a pub in Banagher.
Gregor Rudolph examining a peat bog near Shannonbridge.
Ole Rudolph, Captain of the Lake Star!
Sunset over the river.
Ines Rudolph fishing from the back of the Lake Star as they make their way downriver.
Myrko & Ole Rudolph rowing in the rain.
Breakfast on a Caprice - the audience is useful if you run out of milk!
Athlone has some very unique buskers.
Feeding the ducks from the rear deck of a Town Star while waiting for a lock on the Shannon/Erne Waterway.
Leaving a lock on the Lough Allen canal.
Relaxing at Crom Castle on Lough Erne.
Horse whispering at Swan Island on the Shannon/Erne Waterway.
Exploring the waterways on a dinghy.
Tricky work navigating the narrow waterways on a Glen Star.
Swans & signets visiting a Magnifique at Carrick-on-Shannon.
Cruising past Clonmacnoise.
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