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Shannon River Boat and Cruiser Hire Ireland - Manor House Marine

Shannon River represent all of the major cruiser hire companies on the Shannon River in Ireland. It's the same price to book through us as it is to book direct and we offer all of the latest discounts and impartial advice on the cruisers and places to visit on the Shannon River. Below is information on Manor House Marine. You can compare these boats on our boat hire page or click on the boats to the right to make an enquiry


Shared and private transfers are available to the Manor Marine Marina at the following rates.
Shared Transfers

  • £62 GBP per person return Dublin airport on Saturdays or Wednesdays. Minimum cost of £145 GBP for a single transfer on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Dublin or Belfast Private Single (9 max) £215GBP.
  • Knock Private Single (9 max) £200GBP.
  • Dublin or Belfast Private Single (20 max) £340GBP.
  • Knock Private Single (10 max) £320GBP.

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of hire for cruisers

1.Bookings: A cruiser is not considered booked until the completed, signed Booking Form and a deposit of one quarter (one half for Hirers from outside the British Isles) of the Total Hire Fee have reached the office of the Hiring Company and an invoice stating the terms for the balance of hire has been dispatched. For bookings on the internet, a completed online booking followed by a confirmation from the company will replace the requirement of the signed booking form. The right to change the class/standard of cruiser that has been booked so long as it is an upgrade. 

2.Balance of hire fees: On payment of the deposit the Hirer becomes responsible for the whole of the hire fee and the balance must be paid on or before the day of embarkation. Should the Hirer find they are unable to take over the cruiser they must notify the Company immediately when every effort will be made to re-let the craft. If successful, the Company will refund the deposit, less a re-booking charge of 15% of the hire fee. If the Company is unable to re-let, the Hirer remains responsible for the balance. (The foregoing does not apply where the Hirer has subscribed to and fulfils the conditions of the Hirer Cancellation Scheme, See below). 

3.Embarkation and accounts: Embarkation time is between 3.00pm and 5.00pm on the commencing day of the hire period. On arrival at the Hire Base the Hirer must pay the balance of the hire fee, a refundable insurance breakage deposit of £400 (Noble Cadet or Noble Chancellor) or £500 (all others) and the charges for any provisions and extras ordered. The Hirer should check the inventory of the craft and ensure that ample fuel has been provided. He will then be given a trial run and explanation of the running of the cruiser to confirm that the craft is in good running order. Hirers will be expected to ask if they are unsure of any aspect of the tuition. 

4.Novice hirers: Novice Hirers will normally be expected to accept an additional period of free tuition prior to the cruiser being handed over to them. 

5.Return of cruisers: Cruisers must be returned and vacated in a clean and tidy condition to the Hire Base not later than 10.00am on the final day of the Hire Period. Failure to comply with this condition will result in an additional charge to the Hirer of £50 per hour or part thereof. After checking in, and the cruiser and equipment is found to be clean and undamaged, the £400/£500 insurance deposit will be refunded, subject to any additional costs incurred due to the customer’s negligence plus any other charges or incidental losses incurred by the Company. Such costs, charges or losses also include call out charges, damage to the chartered vessels and damage to other vessels including the recovery boat. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to make any allowance for bad weather. The insurance deposit also covers any contingency for diesel fuel used during the hire period. 

6.Service and repairs: Each member of the Company uses extreme care to ensure that craft are in good order when handed over. However, the Hiring Company cannot be held responsible for any delay in a Hirer’s programme due to breakdown or the completion of necessary repairs. Should service or repairs become necessary during the cruise, the Hirer must notify the nearest member Company when service will be carried out at no cost to the Hirer unless this has been occasioned by the Hirer’s negligence. 

7.Insurance: Every craft and all equipment is fully insured for loss or damage. Third party risks are covered up to a maximum of £2,000,000 and the hirer remains responsible for determining if this sum is adequate and for organising at his own cost any additional insurance that he considers desirable. There is a £400/£500 excess on every claim against the craft (see condition No. 3 above). The hirer remains responsible for any loss or damage or any other legal liabilities incurred due to the customer’s negligence or deliberate acts (see condition No. 5 above). The Companies accept no liability for death of or bodily injury to the Hirer and/or any member of the Hirer’s party or for the loss of or damage to their property however caused. 

8.Passengers: Passengers other than those notified on the booking form must not be carried on our craft at any time without prior permission of the hiring company. Hirer’s failing to comply with this condition will have their charter terminated immediately. 

9.Accidents: The Hirer is responsible for the safe navigation of the craft on charter. In the event of an accident the Hirer must inform the Hiring Company immediately with full particulars and names and addresses of witnesses. 

10.Delay: The Hiring Company cannot be held responsible for any delay in the Hirer’s programme due to navigational works, etc., outside the control of the Company. 

11.Availability of craft: If, owing to circumstances beyond the control of the Company, the cruiser booked is not available, every effort will be made to supply a similar craft. Should this not be possible the deposit will be refunded in full, but the Hirer shall have no claim against the Company. 

12.Navigation restrictions: Cruisers are not permitted to navigate during the hours of darkness. Normally the whole of the Erne Navigation is open to Hirers, but the Hiring Companies reserve the right to restrict any part of the waterway to Hirers should abnormally low water or abnormal weather conditions render this necessary. Hirers must receive permission from the Company prior to entering the Shannon-Erne Waterway or the River Shannon. The Companies also reserve the right to refuse to hand over a craft to any Hirer not considered suitable to take charge. 

13.Towing: No craft may undertake towing without prior permission.

14.Pets: Prior permission must be obtained before pets will be allowed on hire craft. Dogs are not allowed onboard. 

15.Hirer’s Property: The Companies accept no liability for loss or damage to Hirer’s property, baggage, motor cars, etc. Hirer’s cars are only driven or parked on the Hirer’s orders and insurance cover is assumed to have been provided by the Hirer. 

16.Literature: Every care has been taken to ensure that all literature and information provided is correct but the company cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or that of any travel agent. Minor variations exist in craft of the same type class. The Company reserve the right to change the layout of the craft and equipment without notice. Plans and maps are not necessarily to scale. 

17.Fuel: Craft will be handed over with full fuel tanks. Fuel used will be charged at the current rate. 

18.Age: Cruisers may not be hired by persons under the age of 21 years. 

Cancellation scheme 
You will see from our Conditions of Hire that, in common with Hiring Companies on almost every waterway in Europe, once you have booked your holiday cruiser you become responsible for the whole of the hire charge, even if unfortunate circumstances prevent you from taking over your craft. In common with all reputable Hiring Companies, we have arranged a Scheme to indemnify you from this liability. The Scheme is entirely voluntary, but you are advised to subscribe, particularly as booking is normally made some considerable time before the start of your holiday. If the reason for the cancellation is illness, accident, pregnancy or death of any prior named member of your party, and the necessary premium has been paid at the time of booking, the Hiring Company will refund all monies paid to it by the prospective Hirer (exclusive of cancellation scheme premium), subject to production of a medical certificate stating the reason for cancellation. The Hiring Company will then have no further claim on the prospective Hirer. The Marine Company must be notified of cancellation immediately, and in all cases, no later than the day prior to the date of the charter. If you do not take part in the scheme, every effort will be made to re-let the craft. If successful, the deposit will be returned to the cancelling Hirer, less a re-booking fee of 15% of the Hire Fee: otherwise the cancelling Hirer will still remain responsible for the balance of the Hire Charge. To participate in the Cancellation Scheme it is necessary to list the names and addresses of ALL members of your party and include the requisite premium with your deposit, noting this in the space provided on the Booking Form. The fee is 50p for every £10 of the total hire charge. For example:


Total Hire Charge up to £100 - Premium is £5.00
Total Hire Charge up to £200 - Premium is £10.00
and so on, with 50p added for each £10.00 or part of £10.00


This cancels all previous issues.

At the moment our online facility does not support the cancellation scheme. If you require this service please phone the office and we can add it to your booking.


Company Information

The Noble family and staff are proud to offer one of the most modern fleet of hire cruisers in Ireland, all cruisers have been exclusively designed and equipped to offer a boating holiday of a lifetime.

Facilities available on all cruisers include heating, toilet/shower, fridge, rowing dinghy, fabric seating, duvets, safety equipment, etc. Our large and sheltered harbour is situated in our own grounds with a private island. We are in one of the most picturesque and best fishing areas of Lough Erne.

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